2 Fastest Ways To Grow Your Business Online (Remove This Virus) – Part 2

What I found out after doing hours of research online would change my life forever and I want it to change yours too! Hopefully you read through the first part of this story, if you didn’t you can read it HERE.

Here’s what I discovered……………wait before I tell you what I discovered, I have to ADMIT something to you.

I believe that I am a VERY GOOD sales person. When I was 21, I won the award for REP of the YEAR for Time Life Libraries in Chicago. This is what allowed me to even make ANY money AT ALL in that MLM company I wrote about in PART ONE of this series. The the pill that was hard for me to swallow was the fact that just cuz you can sell people, doesn’t mean you’re going to become rich!


Let me say that again………….People don’t like being sold. This is what helped make my internet breakthrough a little easier because I knew I was missing something.

The main guru that I had the privilege of learning from taught me something remarkable. You see, I thought I had “stumbled” upon his website when I found him. I thought it was fate. He helped me realize that it was all a setup. So what point am I trying to make? Well, my point is that if you sell people what they WANT not what they NEED then they’ll “believe” that they bought something from you, and they’ll love you for it.

Think about it:

People hate getting telemarketing calls right? Back when I was a young man, I found out really quickly that women hated dumb pick up lines. You might be asking yourself, um “what the heck does this have to do with making money online?”

The answer is quite simple…………………

People want to buy things online, not be sold! Do you see the difference?

Ok now that you know, I can show you my system to getting people to buy from you  but you’ll be selling them at the same time. This is what the problem with MLMs is, you end up sounding and being REALLY pushy to try to get your friends and family to love the new “juice” or “potion” that you’re pimping. Here’s the truth though, they DON’T WANT IT!

I mean think about it, we want solutions to our problems, but only the problems that we’re looking for an answer to.

What I see a lot of people doing online is trying to force feed their product or service down someone’s throat. Who wants that.  Your new juice that you’re promoting helps people lose weight, but would you ever just walk up to all the overweight people and say “hey, I noticed that you’re overweight, buy some of my juice from me and you’ll drop all that weight in no time”.

WARNING: the above was just an example, I don’t want you getting beaten up because you offended someone that is overweight.

So in a nutshell here’s what you have to do:

Find a group of people online that want something, and give them some of it online for FREE. Don’t give them all of it, just give them enough that they’ll want to come back for more or buy your product to get more information. You can think of it as watching your favorite TV series, they show you just enough in 30 minutes to make you “satisfied” but they never overdo it.

WARNING: Don’t try to get greedy here and give people useless information for free, it has to be something people can actually use.

magic hat to making money onlineNow all you have to do is put the cool info in front of the people that want what you have and………….. PRESTO, it’ll be 10 times easier for you to make sales. Almost like magic. When a magician performs a magic trick, no matter how hard you try, you won’t be able to “SEE” how he/she did it, unless they tell you. So I will let you know what the steps are here for FREE but unless you follow my advice and stick with it, you’ll never become like that magician.

Now Back To The 2 Fastest Ways To Make Money Online…………..HERE they are:

1) Sell what people are ALREADY buying.

That might sound overly simplistic to you but a lot of people aren’t following this advice. This is the mistake I made and you might have made when you first got started. I would listen to GURUS that would say, “find a niche and sell to people in that niche”. The problem with that advice is that they were doing the total opposite!

Don’t try to find a random niche like rattle snake bubble gum and think you’re gonna make lot’s of money LOL. But really, people are doing this! You might be asking yourself, “well what are people buying?”

Before I tell you what people are buying, let me give you more examples of what you shouldn’t be trying to sell.  Don’t try to sell a products in markets where no one is really buying, stay in the bigger markets and find your own niche there.

Here are just a few of the big markets:

Weight Loss, Fitness, Health & Wellness, Business Opportunities (work at home, biz opps, make money online), investing, real estate, electronics, games, and relationships.

Now let’s get back to #2.

2) Use A Combination Of Paid & Free Traffic Sources

Using paid forms of online advertising is the fastest way you can get sustainable traffic. And since we’re talking about building a sustainable business and not a gimmick, you have to give yourself a fighting chance by learning how to do it right. You also need free traffic, traffic that doesn’t cost you money upfront, as well. When people use the word free, it really a misconception though. It’s doesn’t cost you money upfront but it cost time, and we all know that time is money.

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