5 Tips To Doing Mobile Marketing

Mobile Marketing can really be a good way of improving the performance of your online business. Although it is relatively new compared to the other methods of doing online marketing, this is clearly a good way to promote your products and be able to tap into people which you can’t reach through your online promotions.

I have to emphasize one thing though, since we’re talking about mobile marketing. Some people have already tried this this method and there are a few who have claimed that they didn’t the results that they expected. Just like any other form of advertising, mobile marketing is a good supplement to the other internet marketing methods which you have probably tried by now. It works best as an additional method of making your product more popular.

Personally, I think that the main focus should still be on driving business online first. This may sound a bit like traditional online marketing but really, there still is nothing else that would beat a well established internet marketing business. When I say well established, what I mean is that, you have a concrete game plan that you follow consistently. You should still market your website on Google, Bing, through banner ads etc. The content should be quality and your website should be SEO optimized. You must have a plan when it comes to your marketing strategies too.

Email marketing still works and article submission, blogging and joining forum will still work well for you online business if done consistently. Now, having specified your action plan when it comes to building an online business you can then move along to utilizing mobile marketing as an additional tactic which may give you the edge that you want. Since it has not been utilized by most internet marketers and promotion through mobile phones is not yet as saturated as the online promotions. You’ll definitely be a few steps ahead of your competition.

Mobile marketing right now is most used to send SMS which will provide the customers the information that you would want them to know about your company. What is good about sending out SMS for promotion is that this has a more personal approach which further encourages people to become interested with your business and check out your website.
You still have to be careful with this and make sure that you’re following all the laws that govern SMS messaging though.

Mobile marketing will also give you great results if you are able to target the right customers and make your SMS advertisements land into the mobile phones of these people. Randomly sending out SMS will just defeat the purpose of mobile marketing. Target people who have something in common with the niche that you have chosen. This way, your mobile marketing will get you the leads, sales, and feedback that you’re looking for.

To make your mobile marketing even more successful, here are five different things that you could utilize.

1. Build a list of mobile numbers which you could market to through acceptable methods. Other people will go after just any mobile number that they could get their hands on and would send out SMS for promotion to random people. After which, they would anticipate positive feedback from the people they texted. This is not exactly the way to go. Yet, it is vital to add up mobile phone numbers to your list but, the right way of acquiring these numbers is by coming up with a web form wherein people may willingly give their mobile numbers. This way, the people you would be sending out your SMS promotion to has a higher tendency of contributing to your business’ progress because he or she already has an inclination on your product right from the start. Also, you would not have to annoy a particular person by sending out messages about something that he or she is not interested in.

2. Make sure that you will clearly state facts to people who will decide to fill out your opt in form. Along with the opt in form, have a declaration in the end that SMS that is sent to their mobile phones. Specify the frequency of the messages too. It is also important to give them an option to not subscribe to the mobile messages. You might be thinking that this would defeat the purpose of making them sign the opt in form because you would still be giving them the chance to refuse the subscription. Well, that is also why it is important to have an opt in form which is more versatile. Meaning, ask for the email address too and other vital details so that if they decide not to subscribe to the mobile messages, you can still add their email addresses to your email marketing list. Giving the customers the option to not receive SMS ads is better than annoying your customers because they have been getting unwanted mobile phone messages.

3. Utilize the dedicated short codes. Not using it may enable you to save some money but if you use the dedicated short codes, you would be able to assure that your brand name will be delivered to your targeted audience the way you want it to.

4. This may be a bit tricky. With mobile marketing, you have a very limited number of characters to utilize. You can only use up 160 characters per message. So, it is important to be able to express what you want your potential customers to know about in a short message. Trigger interest too and be clear about what you are promoting. There are ways on making the words shorter so that you can maximize the 160 characters. You could use ‘d’ instead of ‘the’ or ‘b’ instead of ‘be’ and other variations of these short cuts. Although, you also have to be careful and not overuse this because not everyone can understand such short cuts. Use only as little short cuts as possible to make sure that SMs recipients will generally be able to comprehend your message the right way.

5. Make sure that there is a personal touch to your SMS. There is no better way in personalizing the SMS other than including the first name of the person in your message. When you are acquiring the details of the person like mobile number and other information, capture his or her name too. Most mobile marketing platforms will allow you to insert the names of the person within the message so it is better if you can utilize this function. This has been a proven way of increasing the response from potential customers because they feel that the message was really intended for them. It also connotes that you, as an internet marketer, would go the extra mile just to be able to cater to what they need.

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