Did I Kill My Cat By Making Money Online?

For all the cat lovers out there, this is a sad story!

(The picture to the left is of Ollie and my buddy Randy)

I was finishing up a coaching webinar I conduct for my clients that want to make money online last Thursday which ended in agony when I found my cat Ollie dead in our spare bathroom. I normally lock him in the bathroom when I’m doing webinars because he likes to go meowing around the house when I’m on calls.

I have no idea how he died!

I went downstairs to let him out of the bathroom before I went to workout and he was just laying there helplessly on the bathroom floor!

At first I thought he was just sleeping, but when I touched him, his body was hard! I was shocked. I mean………..How could my 3 yr old cat be dead already?

For the past week I’ve been thinking about what I could have done wrong. Did he eat something he wasn’t supposed to eat.  Did he fall somehow in the bathroom? I have no clue. I was also thinking that the fact that I didn’t spend a lot of time with him because I focused so much on learning new ways to make money online might’ve had something to do with with.

I now realize that I probably get to be around my cat more than the average person because I didn’t have to go punch a time clock or be anywhere at any specific time.  Still sad that he’s gone, but thankful that I’m just writing about my cat and not a “human” family member. I love cats, but I can always buy another cat. We’ll miss you Ollie!

Did you ever have a pet yourself? Let me know what you think.

How would you treat your family or pets differently if you were able to operate your business online?

P.S. This blog post was/is just a way for me to vent. Everything may not come across the way you might like. Sorry to all the pet lovers that might find this offensive or want me to get locked up.

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  1. Herb

    sorry to hear about your cat.

    I know how quick a pet becomes part of the family, and how painful the loss can be. We lost two cats to cancer of all things. The trips to the vet to euthanize them were tough on us.

    Time for a new kitty.

  2. What?!?!?

    Folusho, that’s horrible bro.

    Is there no evidence of Ollie eating something? I mean, I know that cat likes to climb on me when I was over there….

    what about leading up to it? no evidence of him being sick?

    there’s plenty of air in the bathroom… so, I’m sure that’s not it

    Was the cat recently at a kennel or anything like that?

    He was an indoor cat right? I’m just wondering if there’s something new that has appeared in his environment since you guys moved… something he was licking on (mildew or something)… or something outside if he was left outside (mushroom or a mouse that had been poisoned perhaps?)

    Anyway, yes — I had a dog for 11 years or so before the kids were born. I had to put her to sleep when McKenna was about 2 weeks old.

    I’m sorry buddy. I know how you feel. 🙁


  3. Sorry to hear about your cat Ollie. Ollie looks like an affectionate cat and I’m not sure why he took off for heaven so fast? Was he a little over weight and a heart attack got him, however, being only 3 years old should no put him into that category!
    I did have pets when I was young and lived on a farm. We had a dog, several cats and a palomino horse. I know that having a 50 cow operation farm did not leave much time for the pets. Working at a home business I believe would allow for more interaction with a pet than working at an office 8 to 9 hours a day!

  4. Johnny Cash

    You’ve gotta be the biggest idiot I’ve ever known. Did you even listen to yourself? “I like cats but I can always buy another one”???? You f@!!!!(edit) bastard! You OBVIOUSLY DO NOT like cats not have any appreciation for animal life if you thing it’s just a matter of buying another one.

  5. Sorry to hear about your loss, but, it brings up an important point-if you are passionate about what you are doing in your online business, it is very easy to become so involved with the business that you love that you can lose contact with pets or family. You may love helping people with your website but, don’t lose track of your loved ones. I know that I sometimes get carried away with helping others that I sometimes have to remind myself that the reason I am online is so that I can spend more time with my family.

  6. Thanks for the insight Johnny cash. It’s true, I can always buy another cat, but none of them will ever replace Ollie! Sorry if I offended you. This doesn’t mean that I don’t appreciate animal life though, but you’re obviously entitled to your opinion. Thanks again.

  7. Jane Williams

    I am so sorry; cats are wonderous creatures.

    It does not seem possible that you are responsible Ollie probably died of one of the variety of cat diseases and it is certainly likely that when you bought him he already was infected. I would suggest that when you are ready for another one that you go to the Humane Society; they are very careful about their animals being well and having their vaccines, etc.

    If you are concerned about not providing enough company for your new cat, how about two of them?

    Take care, Jane

  8. That is so true Stan! I never have to think about putting more time into my business, but I have to plan spending time with friends, family etc. What was cool about Ollie though, is he didn’t care what I was doing, he was getting him time in. I know I have to make more of an effort to spend time with family, and even pets to a certain extent.

  9. He was fine the day before. I was even making him dance by holding his front legs! He was either sick and I didn’t know it, or he got poisoned somehow. By the time I found him though his body was already getting stiff so it was too late!

  10. I feel ya buddy!

    Quite a few years ago I was getting ready to head out on a 4th of July and my cat always would go outside when I left, but this night he just was being weird…

    I finally got him to scoot outside and I continued getting ready to leave. So I was off and got in the truck, backed out of the driveway and started to drive down the street when I ran over something that I thought was a rock of piece of wood in the street.

    Well, I turned around just to see what it was and it wasn’t one of those other things – it was my cat Ted!

    I was about 7 years old and very spunky. He was a good friend and I know how he died…

    Time passes and we get over it, but I will never stop asking What if?

    Same with business… What if?

    Thanks for sharing my friend and sorry you little buddy is gone!

    Ryan K

  11. James

    Sorry for your loss Folusho. We’ve been pet owners for years, some have died of natural causes, and some have had to be put down. Either way it takes an emotional toll on you just the same.

    We currently have three dogs and they require enough attention that being able to work online really isn’t an issue. Online or offline the care remains the same and their presence can’t be denied.

    I would be concerned about any children though. If a cat can get into something with a fatal outcome so quick so could a child. I’d want to know for sure what did the cat in.

    Kind Regards, James

  12. James, I’ve been looking everywhere trying to find clues. We should have taken him to the vet but I just couldn’t handle it for a couple days.

  13. Thanks Jane. That’s where I got him from. He was so cute too! He was about one pound and he literally climbed from my foot to my shoulder in one minute the day we brought him home 🙂

  14. Hi Fulosho,
    Sorry to hear Ollie’s departure. I feel for you as I had my buddy (corgy) who passed
    away last month due to a complication from spinal cord injury. Yes, all the IF’S were there in my mind. I promised myself not to have another pet anymore. But these 4
    footed pet is so easy to love. so when i found one wandering around my place and is really lost, I picked him up and made him as our own. CONGRATS ! to me I finally
    overcome that sad feeling with this bigger surprise.

    Anyway Fulosho, thanks for sharing this side of yours. Yes they are just pets but our emotions goes with them.

  15. Bram

    Hi Folusho,

    I know how sad it is to lose a pet suddenly.

    My family had two dogs in turn from puppyhood to ripe old ages. The first one grew up with my kids until at age 14 he was blind and deaf. He wandered out onto the highway outside one night and was killed by an unknown car. I drove out a little later to help someone and found him beside the road. I had to sadly bury him in the garden before the kids saw his poor damaged body.

    A little later we were given another poodle puppy who grew up to be an amazingly acrobatic dog who could cartwheel in midair to catch his frisby. For 16 and half years he was “Fathers dog” who excitedly waited for me to come home to great me with huge licks. Eventually his spine weakened with age and dislocated, causing him to lose all control of his lower body.

    The saddest thing I have ever done was to give the vet permission for the lethal injection and hold him as his heart slowed and stopped. At least he was able to pass on while looking into my face and feeling me holding him.

    I took him home and he too is buried in a special corner of my yard. A lot of people do not realise that an animal should be for life. They give their live to us and simply expect that we will do the same.

    I hope your next cat gives you many more years of companionship.

    Your friend, Bram

  16. Sorry to hear about your pet cat Folusho. I don’t know what is worse, finding your pet or having to tell them you are taking them to their trusted Vet for the last time. Love is eternal. Never let it die.

  17. Hey Folusho, I am so very sorry for your loss. I know very well how pets quickly become members of the family. It was just a few years ago that we lost our family pet. He went very suddenly just as did Ollie. I would be less than honest if I said that the loss isn’t still felt several years later. The loss isn’t as painful as it was at one time, but it is still there. The best advice I can give is for you to try to remember all the times Ollie and you played together. All the happy times. I hope this doesn’t sound too maudlin or preachy. I do know what you’re going through.
    Like you said, the really important thing is that you didn’t lose a human member of your family.
    Take care,
    John Pell

  18. That’s so unfortunate. ‘Bummer’ of the highest degree…
    and the annoying thing is that we have no freaking clue why.

    I think it’s very probably that something in the environment
    has caused it since you have moved.

    In any case, even though it’s very sad when a pet dies, don’t
    even worry about your cat because they have 9 lives and they
    rule the underworld… just ask any pharaoh.

    Either go all the way and find out why that happened… request
    an autopsy, conduct an investigation, find out why the previous
    tenants moved… you might find something.

    Or just forget about it since by thinking about it you won’t
    bring back Ollie. I’m sure Ollie would not want you to get depressed.

    On a really serious note thought, I would want to dig deeper
    since you have a developing child at home who needs protection
    from stuff that might hurt her. I mean, Ollie died in very strange

    That’s pretty much what I think… (oh wait, let me finish this essay)

    I had a dog back in Russia… a black royal Great Dane.
    Yeah… those huge dogs. His name was Graf.

    We went to a summer trip and left him in a dog nursery with other
    like minded dogs. When we came back, we noticed that he got
    sick. For the following several months we did everything we could
    to save him… vitamin shots, doctor visits, special diet, but nothing
    helped and he died in sleep while suffering from pain.

    I miss him very much.


    R.I.P. Ollie

  19. Sorry to hear about your dog Narek. The blog post today is the final chapter, then I’m moving on. It’s hard but as you said, I have a 21 month old daughter that’s even more fun. She actually saw him laying in the bathroom and said his name too! He just started saying his name! When she get a little older, we’ll get another cat or do if she wants to walk it.

  20. So sorry to hear about your loss, Folusho. Like some have said, those “What Ifs” are really hard. Yes, do be sure there is nothing poisonous in the environment. However, it is also possible there was something else, like an aneurism. That’s something that can strike suddenly with no warning symptoms ahead of time.

    If it was poison of some sort, I’m thinking it must have been something powerful right there in the bathroom, (or right before you locked him in there) because if it was a slower-acting poison that he encountered earlier, it seems like there would have been signs that he wasn’t feeling well.

    Folusho, I pray that God will comfort you and your family, and take away any “guilty” feelings. I know… and I hope YOU know… that you did everything you possibly could to give Ollie a wonderful and healthy life.

  21. Thanks for the kind words Arline! We’ll be okay. Life is fragile, so we have to be thankful for everyday.

  22. Hi Folusho:

    My condolences on the death of your pet cat. And no, I don’t think you killed Ollie while making money online. Far from it. You probably were able to feed Ollie good cat food, pamper him and give him a nice, comfy environment.

    Cats, in general are predisposed to heart disease, and sometimes cats with such disease die young … even before 5 years old. And the most surprising thing is that there are times when a cat shows no visible symptoms of illness, even though he/she may have severe heart disease. They say cats are “masters” at masking their illness until it gets very severe.

    Just a guess, maybe Ollie had heart disease and never really wanted to worry you. You gave him 3 good years, and I bet Ollie did the same for you. It is sad to lose a pet, but life goes on, and you just need to cherish the good times.

    Take Care.


  23. Kevalin

    Hey Folusho,

    I am so sorry for your loss. One of my own furry boys, BuzzSaw, suddenly passed away this October past, at only five years old, so I know just what a shock such a loss can be.

    One thing my vet told me is that, sometimes, because of the way cats in the wild inbreed, though a kitten grows up looking and even acting healthy, he in fact has problems that are very serious. Because they seem healthy, it just doesn’t occur to us that anything could go wrong with them… and in all honesty, in a lot of such cases, it wouldn’t matter if we did know.

    It sounds like that may have been the case with Ollie. It was with Buzz, who actually had some organs that were out of place. In such a case, nothing you could have done could have prevented his passing. But more importantly, nothing you did (or didn’t do) caused it.

    I truly believe, however, that in my boy’s case, he lived longer and was certainly happier because of the love he received and the joy he brought while living in our home… please trust that the same was true for you Ollie, and try to focus on the joy he brought you in the (too short!) time he was yours, not the “What ifs?”

  24. Kjell D. Norway

    Have you not read in the Scriptures that it is not a sparrow falls to the ground without the Will of God …
    someone says: Å.åå it was just a cat .. but I say that treating their animals as treatment is there for God .. those who love their animals, perhaps an idiot in people eyes, but in God’s Eyes, he is counted among the wise .. so we can find out everything like an idiot in people’s eyes for there is wisdom from God ..
    Regards Kjell D.

  25. Nancy F

    So sad to hear about your pal, Ollie. There’s no clear answer to why some pets leave us so soon, and some remain for a decade or more.

    Remember fondly the times you had with Ollie, and try to spend a few minutes more each day with his successor!

    Nancy F.

  26. Folusho,

    Sorry to hear about your the passing of your family member, Ollie. Some times we get so caught up in what we think is right that we forget about the things that matter. Does not sound like you did anything wrong to expedite the demise of Ollie and I know of a couple that puts their pet in the bathroom for his safety as well as others when people come over (their dog is 50lbs of wanting to play and jump on people).

    Pets are funny in how they affect us. We just had to give away our two dogs, Yorkshire Terrier and Shorkie (Yorkshire Terrier and Shi Tzu mix). We are too busy running around dealing with our own lives that we could not take care of them properly. So we found them a new home with 4 kids (oldest 13, youngest 8) and hope they are happy there.

    What happens in life is for the best, but I have to agree with you (no matter how callous it sounds) you CAN always get another cat.

    God Bless and Take Care,

  27. Hey Folusho,

    Been thinking about this incident with your cat. I have 2 cats. Before I got them I had 2 cats for 16 and 17 years. I talked to them before I put them down.

    There are people who can find out what did happen with your cat and why it happened if you are curious.

    I am in a training program for transformational energy work. I have been trying to find my way to the correct work that resonates with me. The energy work does and finding my correct marketing niche does as well. A friend spoke to me today about fan page creation that I did and to take it a step further.

    Just scanned your newest post. Action is necessary and sometimes programs are not teaching the actions that are easy to take. While creating a fan page for a friend I was taking action and could not get the upload to work as instructed. And even the template I was using that was simpler was still not working correctly.

    Beyond that getting into action can be tied up with resistance. We tell ourselves yes, I want this, yes I’m going to do this and then those voices pop up and sabotage us. That is why clearing the energy and guiding the subconscious can be helpful for moving forward. I love what Sonia Chocquette says about the subconscious, it is like an order taker at a drive up that says yes to everything, even the contradictory negative self talk.

    So sorry about your cat. The love never dies. A friend and coaching buddy says that animals are not as attached to their bodies and not freaked out about death. Hope that helps

  28. Barbara Stewart

    Dear Folusho;

    I feel very sorry for the pain you definitely ARE feeling over your poor unfortunate cat Ollie dying unexpectedly.

    I just lost a cat last October 22, 2010, and am still mourning him (Sylvestor Fluffy). I still keep cat food and his cat carrier cage and his (cleaned out of course) litter box just so it seems like he is still here. Of course I realize that that is being a little bit in denial of his death, but I just couldn’t bear to part with the things that reminded me of him. I had only had him from January 2010 until he died, inheriting him after his previous owner died and the only alternative being considered was euthanasia. I gladly took him in and enjoyed every single minute of his time with me.

    My only consolation was the happy times we had together, and that according to some Christian teachings, pets do have souls and are present in the communion of saints and we WILL believe it or not, see our pets again. I can only go on by knowing that, and looking forward with joy to when his beautiful soul will be on this planet again.

    I hope this thought consoles you also, Folusho, and all the others who are writing into these comments and or reading them.

    God bless you and yes, let the guilt go. You obviously were a responsible and loving pet owner, and miss Ollie terribly. No one need think you are terrible for having the thought that you COULD get another cat – I even briefly considered doing so after my cat Sylvestor Fluffy died. It’s only normal to think in such a manner. But then as with you and with me, the realization quickly falls into place that a new pet will NOT replace the pet that just died, and trying to deal with and care for and show love to a new pet would be almost insurmountable right now as we are too filled with grief and trying to cope with that grief over the pet that just died.

    Best wishes in overcoming this grief and mourning and moving on to have the joy filled life that Ollie would most definitely want you to have. Remember he is still connected to you from the communion of saints and wishing you well with all the love in his adorable and furry heart!

    Yours truly,

    Barbara Stewart
    barbarastewart2000 @ gmail.com

  29. Thanks for the kind words and comments Barbara. Ollie had one of those covered littler boxes, so I haven’t cleaned it out yet 🙂 Don’t know when I will. Yep, no cats can ever replace Sylvestor Fluffy or Ollie.

  30. Thanks Lynn. We love our pets because they love us unconditionally or at least until we don’t feed them anymore lol. The way I found to trick my subconscious is by just taking things a step at a time, and putting a plan together. You noticed how many plans we make that never get done. Well, just do step one in that plan, then step two, then step three etc… You just have to make sure that you have a plan that will work. The thing about the internet that derails people is the technology, but there are people online that will fix your technology problems for free or even for fives dollars at sites like http://www.fiverr.com

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