Saj P.

Saj P. has made his name due to his expertise in CPA or Cost-Per-Action/Cost-Per-Acquisition method. He is a mad man in the internet marketing business and has gained respect from the people in the industry. He is highly successful in the business and the products he has released live up to their claims.

Saj P.’s name belongs on the list of successful internet marketing authorities like Alex Goad whom he has worked with on the products like, Commission Payload, Google Payload and Affiliate Payload. These materials focused on CPA marketing. Philip Mansour who is also a reputable internet marketer is Saj P.’s business partner.

Among the products that Saj P. launched was Banner Ad Blueprint. He worked on this with Philip Mansour. This product focused on using banner ad for promotional campaigns. Just when most people thought that banner ad has long been dead, Saj P. and Philip Mansour presented new methods in utilizing banner ads which will make internet marketers increase their popularity and income. The two revived the banner ad method.

Zero Friction Marketing is Saj P.’s first attempt to impart his knowledge in CPA or Cost-Per-Action/Cost-Per-Acquisition method. Earlier products only touched on the subject but did not really dwell much on it. This one is devoted only to that.

Zero Friction Marketing lived up to the expectations of the people because it did provide a detail oriented exposition on CPA business model. The friction being pertained here is the hesitation of buyers to go ahead and purchase which eventually results only to a loss in potential customers and loss in sales. With CPA, it enables the affiliate to generate income through free trials. The affiliate will benefit much from this. CPA eliminates the friction in affiliate marketing, making the title much appropriate.

This product later on was compared to commission Payload. Although, admittedly, Zero Friction Marketing is a primer in CPA business model.

The Site Rush was centered on the concept that websites are very comparable to a real estate business. In the entirety of the product, there is a consistent comparison between the real estate business and the internet marketing business. This makes the concept of an online business easier to grasp despite the fact that it is quite intangible.

Banner Ad Blueprint is composed of more than thirty videos demonstrating how to use banner ads to the advancement of the internet marketing business. Apart from this, it also included eight more modules to further give details on the method. The package came with videos and eBooks which make it convenient for anyone who buys it because they get to choose the medium which will be more comprehensive for them. Another good thing about Banner Ad Blueprint is that it does not apply to just one aspect of internet marketing. It could be used for affiliate marketing, CB marketing and other areas involved in the internet marketing business.

In the eight modules in Banner Ad Blue Print, the following principles were taught:

1. Necessities in venturing into affiliate marketing
2. Doing an extensive research about the market
3. Advantage and disadvantages of Direct Link and Landing Pages
4. Proper utilization of banner ads
5. Becoming a part of banner advertising networks
6. Doing research on the target people and knowing how to cater to their needs
7. Getting started with insertion orders
8. Monitoring the actions done through advertisement servers

Another product launched by Saj P. is Commission Payload which was out in the market in 2009. This one focused on the CPA aspect of the internet marketing business. He worked hand in hand with Alex Goad in Commission Payload. This is comprised of training videos which also demonstrates in detail how CPA will work for the advantage of your internet marketing business.

In Affiliate Payload, Saj P. and Alex Goad explored the top secret methods on how affiliates can really earn more. Alex and Saj undauntedly exposed the most effective methods in affiliate marketing which they themselves have tried to be ultimately effective. It also involved CPA or Cost-Per-Action/Cost-Per-Acquisition and PPC or Pay Per Click model.

Google Pay Load is concentrated more on what Alex thinks of as arbitrage. The technique it uses is to buy traffic from PPC companies that offer cheaper clicks and make it go to web pages, promotions and advertisements where ROI is high. Although, this product has been pulled from the market.

Finally, Saj P.’s latest work is one which he worked on with Anik Singal. That is, ClickBank Wealth Formula which is comprised of ten module courses which are in video format. This is the main medium in the product. Although, transcriptions of which are also included to suit the preference of the learner. It is truly recommended to concentrate on the videos because it will demonstrate clearly how things are supposed to be done.

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