1. Hi Folusho

    I like the way you focus on teaching your visitors the basics of Internet marketing – and promote the ‘slow but sure’ route to success. You are spot on when you say do not expect riches to come overnight. It is a slow and steady job making money with Internet marketing!

    I helped Chris Freville, running support for two weeks during his launch and now my blog at HeyMalc has become ‘unofficial support’ for SPM.

    Stealth Profit Machines is a great beginner’s auto-blogger which can put a site up for you in ten minutes. Many people have done just that – and got dozens on sites running. They do not have to have their own domain – they can even be installed in a folder on a domain, which saves a domain name fee.

    So you are right, as I say: don’t expect miracles! But if you want solid Internet marketing advice, and ‘unofficial’ support with SPM come and chat to me at HeyMalc.

    All the best


  2. Folusho Orokunle

    Thanks for the comments Malc. The funny thing is that people spends years looking for a “fast” method when they would’ve been better off just working hard and actually becoming successful.

  3. Hear, hear mate. Slow but sure every time 🙂

    I advise just setting up a WP blog and doing affiliate marketing – slowly but surely, try to blog 2-3-4 times a week, and recommend products you like – through affiliate links. Google will take notice of you slowly. And – as you say – 6-12-24 months down the line there is a solid income.



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