Who is Alan Magliocca?

Being in the internet marketing business you have probably heard about Alan Magliocca. Or maybe, you have heard about “Real Italian”, as this is how he prefers being addressed sometimes.

Alan Magliocca is again making noise in the internet marketing industry because of a new product he has just launched, List Launderer.

If you are analyzing if this product is right for you, it is sometimes good to start with the person who created it. Right?

So, before you jump in to purchasing Alan Magliocca’s product, let us get to know him better first, shall we?

Alan Magliocca started his career with a Bachelor of Science in Marketing from the University of North Carolina, based in his home town of Wilmington. His college degree paved way for his endeavor and formed the core foundation which is truly necessary for the business. It may sound a bit traditional for someone to have a business related degree before venturing into internet marketing but Alan Magliocca has kept himself open to the innovations of the internet. Before he was able to release his first product, Alan Magliocca spent time learning the process and really digging into the common factors and strategies that led other people to a successful internet marketing career. His first product was The ClickBank Reaper.

The ClickBank Reaper did not just receive commendations among his peers and colleagues, it was also acclaimed by the experts in the internet marketing industry. It contained well- researched information which gives a complete guide and truly transforms the new ones to knowledgeable internet marketers who are capable of earning.

What is more important among the things that he teaches, he did not just focus on the techniques but he also reminded each one of them of the right values as an internet marketer. That is honesty, modesty and keeping good communication.

His latest creation is List Laundering which, I admit, is really commendable. It is packed with vital information, easy to follow techniques and even provides extra assistance to the internet marketers. List Laundering teaches how to build an active and large e-mail list.

But before we go into the details of List Laundering let us build first how much credibility Alan Magliocca has by looking into his previously launched products.

ClickBank Reaper

Clikbank Reaper will share with you the secrets on how you can earn 100% profit from the products that you promote on Clickbank. It does not stop there, this system also provides you with the important tools and a step by step instruction to achieving your goals and becoming a one of the best affiliates in your chosen niche market.

ClickBank Reaper will teach you how to advertise cheaply. No expensive advertising through the likes of Pay Per Click.

If you are still asking me why exactly this product was a hit when it was released, here is what I can answer you with:

Primarily, Clickbank Reaper system covers all the details that you will need. Its discussion is in depth. The techniques are well discussed and after going through it, you are assured that you will be able to increase your income.

Second, it really focuses on the products’ promotion which we know is really a big factor when you are doing business through ClickBank. Whether you are an affiliate or a vendor, the success of your business will greatly depend on your promotions. The methods that he will teach you will also be good for a long term kind of business; it is not just one of those one time only techniques.

Third, what Alan Magliocca has imparted are techniques that have not been exposed by others and are not known to a lot of internet marketers. It will give you an edge and will make you earn good money from ClickBank.

Fourth, since what is being offered in ClickBank Reaper are latest techniques, you will definitely get a step ahead of your competition.

Fifth and one of the most important things that you will learn from ClickBank Reaper is how to find the hottest niche in the internet market. You do not have to do so much trial and error or be stuck in a market that is going nowhere. It would be like putting a blinking arrow towards the most lucrative niches.

Sixth, you will learn how to utilize SEO techniques and make it work for your advantage. Most importantly, ClickBank Reaper will not teach you the tricks that will tarnish your reputation. It will all be tactics that not just legal and ethical, but are completely 100% white hat methods that will bring in impressive amounts of traffic to your website and your promotions.

Blog Hatter

Another brilliant creation by Alan Magliocca is Blog Hatter. He did not work on this alone though. He developed this with a colleague Donato Spagnolo, who is also a prominent internet marketer. Blog Hatter is one of their latest product which deals with automating blogs. It got out in the market last March 4th, 2010. Blog Hatter 2010 aims to help people to create massive amounts of earnings in less than an hour. This is done by constructing high quality semi auto-blogs through common and most popular blog sites like Blogger.com and WordPress. Blog Hatter is a revolutionary software program that includes usable photos, videos, well-constructed content and a collection of tools which will make blogging much much easier.

As I looked deeper into the product I was able to find a lot of useful tools that you can use to build your money generating business. This is of course possible with WordPress and Blogger. Apart from those brilliant tools, there are also other aids which will make it possible for you to establish a blogging empire. These will also eradicate the difficulty of building your website.

The Blog Hatter offers you the following:

• A vast collection of PLR articles which sums to more than 6000 and the good thing is that these are free. You can import one of kind articles into WordPress.

• You can get access thousands of different photos which you can include in your blog posts.

• You can also search and import videos which are relevant to your posts.

• If you have the need to set up your blogs in different languages to be able to broaden the scope of your market, you can also do that though blog Hatter.

• The software also provides a tool which generates in-context synonyms. All it takes is copying and pasting.

• You also do not have to worry about being outdated because more tools will be added everyday because the software regularly checks for automatic updates.

List Laundering

Now, List Laundering is Alan Magliocca’s latest creation. It is composed of an eBook and videos which demonstrates the actual process. Every stage will ensure that you will get the necessary information that you need in creating your list and increasing the number of subscribers.

It has often been said that the money is in the list and even I am a believer of that. Admittedly, I find it quite difficult to really form a good list. List Laundering will answer that problem for you and many others.
All in all, Allan Magliocca has built a reputation that is respected by his fellow internet marketers and also by his customers. Ha has not been involved in scams and I say, so far, the products that he has released were able to perform what is expected from them.

If we are to base the credibility of Allan Magliocca’s products on his reputation and credibility as an internet marketer, then I would have to say that the product he has recently launched, List Laundering, is something that won’t be a waste of money.

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  1. patrick gonzalez

    Folusho please forward this message to Alan. Sorry I have to involve you in this…

    Alan, I purchased the I 360 from you on 3/21 and it never worked. Every ad that I have sent out has a failed message with it. I have been trying to contact you about this problem since 3/21. Since you have decided not to answer me, I have no other recourse than to take legal action against you. My lawyers will contact you.

    Imperium 360 Order Info

    Email: patgon5@hotmail.com

    Serial Number: KO47-CL04-28JU-29LQ-LIBX-31MH

    Time: 2013-03-21 19:30:15

  2. Hello Patrick. I can approve this comment, but you should really try to get in contact with Alan yourself. I’m sure you did that right?

  3. Jodi Pearson

    Hey Folusho your buddy Alan is a Scam Artist. I purchased I 360 on 3/28/14. I never received the product. Numerous e-mails sent to support@imperium360 and tried to send another today and came back undeliverable. Forwarded it to his e-mail address on the receipt. The receipt for the product says Edge Marketing Solutions – there is no such company. It briefly pops up with Alan’s e-mail address then nothing.

    He does not answer e-mails nor refund money. You have to go through your CC company and file a dispute to help get your money back. Buyer beware he touts that he is a 5 figure earner but this is because he is ripping off the public of their money and not honoring refund requests. Do not buy any product from this guy and do your research on any product and product owner before you buy!

    Hey Folusho remember me greatmoneyreview.com? You can delete this line but please post the above warning. By the way check out my new website
    http://toysplusmore.com and let me know what you think. I still have the same e-mail address petapet@consolidated.net

  4. Hello Jodi, we actually don’t know Alan personally. Hopefully you’re able to get everything resolved.

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