Who is Bill McRea?

A lot of people have said that to become successful in the internet marketing world, you should never be scared of trying out different products, exploring various niches and finding the right ones for you. It will be like a quest which promises the gold mine in the end.

Makes good sense to me. What do you think?

Well, Bill McRea is one among the few people who were never scared to try out the different areas involved in internet marketing. In this mission to explore the entire internet marketing world, he has also contributed so much in the business. He ventured into copywriting, authored different products and created innovations.

He went into selling resale rights products and along with that, he also made good business with the products that he himself created. Not only was he able to generate good money but he was also able to help in establishing the businesses of a lot of people. His creations focused on several areas. On of which is how to use Twitter in promoting for your products and how to pull off a successful product launch. He also touched on using Squidoo for affiliate marketing and promoting affiliate products.

With Bill McRea’s mission to reach out to his fellow internet marketers and contribute something essential to the industry, he has built his website to make it an effective instrument for his goal. Aesthetically, his website has already proven how professional he is. It is a user friendly and professionally done which also provides the perfect tools in making your internet business a big success. Apart from the tools, there are also informational products and eBooks that teaches you how to do things and some of it , he just gives out for free. Bill McRea also keeps his blogs updated and posts information which reveals the latest trend and innovations in the market.

Bill McRea also ventured into offering a Search Engine Optimization service and website optimization. Apart from this, he also does press releases and gets involved into affiliate marketing. He is an internet marketer who does not only focus on earning money. Unlike the others, he does not fail to make sure that what he offers would really provide the help that it claims.

Now, let us look into the products of Bill McRea so we can see what has transpired over the years he spent in internet marketing.

Marketing on the Fringe

Marketing on the Fringe is centered on generating free traffic to the websites where your product promotion and advertisement is. This course is also going to free you from all the worries because all it takes is fifteen minutes of your time, ever single day. One good thing about it is that it aims for people in the market who has the higher tendency of patronizing what you are offering and it does not just work on the first few weeks, it consistently pulls free traffic towards your site. One thing about Marketing on the Fringe is that there is a learning curve which you have to overcome to be able to fully maximize its use. Then again, there is a learning curve for all the other marketing tools available these days so might as well avail the one that will truly give you results. Regardless of how well your website was constructed, Marketing on the Fringe will give you same fruitful outcome.

Twitter Affiliate Cash

Twitter Affiliate Cash is an effective tool in multiplying your followers in your Twitter account. You will have more people visiting your site and also, your product and services will be more popular. Even when your followers grow more and more, the Twitter account will not become difficult to manage through Twitter Affiliate Cash. It is easy to keep a good relationship with your followers. Also, you will be capable of automatically creating new posts by sourcing out from blogs or RSS feeds.

Poor Man’s Product Launch

The next innovation of Bill McRea is Poor Man’s Product Launch. You are right, this is more focused on how you or anyone else who has a new product to introduce can pull of a successful product launch. And also, it does not stop at just the launch. There are also tips on how to sell and promote your product after officially introducing it to the world and making it the latest talk of the town. It includes three hours worth of video and thirty pages of vital information which gives the details on how a successful launch can be done.

Triangle Marketing

Bill McRea also came up with an innovation that is more like a school via the internet. Do you want to really learn how to become an affiliate who earns a lot of cash? Triangle Marketing video is the right product for you. This is made up of 140 videos and also you will get access to information on how to best utilize the product. Bill McRea will show you how to do effective blogs, drive traffic towards your website and make use of the social networking media as an effective tool for marketing.

Now, to add up to the list of products from Bill McRea, he is soon going to launch another innovation. That is, Never Fail Listbuilding. The details about this product is still being kept behind the curtains. Since this one is from Bill McRea, most likely this too has absolutely full potentials. We all just have to wait and see if this too will live up to the reputation that the other products of Bill McRea have established.

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  1. Bill McRae is a guru in driving traffic effortlessly he has gain his ground on internet with the software he and his friend released that could create automated traffic on over 40 niche

  2. Dave Goodwin

    I bought the Massive Passive and Mass Deploy.
    Everything was fine until I needed some support. A bit like the old TV series “Car 54 where are you??” These people are missing in action. Once you buy you are forgotten.
    3 phone calls from Australia
    Several tickets still no resolution to my problem.

    They closed the forum where at least I could have gotten some help as others in the system seem more willing to help than the Bill Mcrea people.

    If you see this Bill call me. My number is in your messages and deal with my tickets.
    David Goodwin

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