Who is Bobby Walker?

When it comes to partnerships, Bobby Walker and Adeel Chowdhry has really blended well. They have come up with products that truly deliver what it claims. Apart from being able to cater to the needs of people in the internet marketing world, their tandem has also made them earn a lot of money. Their products were a big hit and this was the reason why they are able to earn hundreds of dollars. They are one of the best if not the best duo in the internet marketing world.

Bobby Walker is a strong believer that it is important to build your ties not just with the customers but also with your fellow internet marketers. He is an aficionado of building partnerships and working on products. He says that regardless if you are a vendor or an affiliate, it is imperative to have good ties with people around you.

Apart from the necessity of partnerships and building ties, Bobby Walker also enjoys doing projects with different people. He says that it enthralls him to develop something with a person who thinks about the same things and works towards the same goals.

Below is the list of products that Bobby Walker introduced in the internet marketing world. This will help you see how credible and trustworthy Bobby Walker and his products are.

Instant Software Profits

Instant Software Profits is capable of really helping you out in your internet marketing business. Here are the benefits you can get from it.

• It includes a software which will help you create quality sales letters and be able to persuade more people to patronize your product.
• It also includes pre set graphics which you can instantly use.
• There is a video which will give you the step by step guide on how to properly do things.
• You will have an access to customer support system which you can contact anytime you need to clear up something.

The best thing about Instant Software Profits is the fact that it is very easy to use. It only takes five steps for you to experience the benefits of it.

1st – Overcome the learning curve of the program. This should not take too long.
2nd – Understand the marketing techniques so you can also implement it on your business.
3rd – Utilize the sales letter and the included graphics.
4th – Watch how traffic will increase.
5th – Wait for sales to be closed and for money to continuously flow to you.

My Software Business

Below is a list of the benefits that My Software Business will give you. Bobby Walker and Adeel Chowdhry has really developed a program which truly helps the internet marketers.

My Software Business will make things easier by:

• Giving you the license to resell high quality and in demand softwares which will pave way to more income for you. There is a clamor for web applications in the market these days and having the capabilities of reselling softwares will really be good for you.
• You will also get a well constructed website. You no longer have to worry about creating a website because that will already be provided for you. It is sure to be a professionally looking website that will be loved by the search engines.
• To improve the aesthetics of your website, there are also graphics which you can utilize and choose from so your site will become more appealing for your customers.
• Since sales letters are essential in convinving more and more people to avail your product, there will also be sales letters in the package which you could use.
• The best thing about it is that it also includes a download page and a sign up page for the affiliates.

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  1. Jason Mueller

    I am a former ‘my online business’ and ‘my online coaching’ affiliate and buyer. This is NOT an angry email complaining. I actually REALLY need to speak with Bobby. I have a revolutionary new way to use internet marketing and I thought of you. I’m looking to recruit 1500 affiliates by the end of February for a business reflective of Cutco but so simple, a high school dropout could do it.

    Please have Bobby get back to me. I can offer compensation.

    Thank you,

    Jason Mueller

  2. Donald

    Who is Bobby Walker? He and Chowdry are probably two of the most unethical marketers around. They’ll take your money and run.
    Do not have any financial dealings with these two

  3. Donald

    The above statement made by myself is inaccurate.
    Bobby Walker, it would appear, is a genuine marketer with his clients best interests at heart.
    I apologize unequivocally for any embarrassment my post may have caused

  4. Bridgett

    Donald, I agree with your first post. I have just bought one of Bobby Walkers newest marketing make money push button we do the work for you scams. (Commission Tsunami) Which hasnt worked from the time I tried to start using it, and have gotten no help from him or his ‘support’ staff. In fact they even went in and totally messed up one of my own sights that I had prior to ordering this broken doesnt work like they claimed it would Commission Tsunami. They have taken my money and ran, and I have nothing to show for it but my credit card bill.
    Buyers by ware!!

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